Giardino di Pietra B&B

Giardino di Pietra

Colonne e mascheroni in pietra

Charming: The B&B Giardino di Pietra (Garden of Stone) is located in Ragusa Ibla, the historic centre of Ragusa (the old town of Ragusa).

Our B&B is located on the second floor of a historic building, built after the 1693 earthquake destroyed many towns and cities of the southeast of Sicily (an area known as “Val di Noto”). The 18th century building, completely restored and refurbished, has always been owned by our family, it is adorned with antique floors and decorated vaulted ceilings that make our B&B a small charming hotel.

Small Boutique Hotel: There are three bedrooms available, intentionally designed in different ways, so that you may have the pleasure of being surrounded by original vintage, art nouveau or 19th century furniture. All arranged in a functional and arty way.

The rooms are well equipped and have balconies and terraces with a magnificent view over the surrounding valley, the dome of St. George, the staircases, little alleyways and narrow streets leading to the upper town (Ragusa Superiore).

Our B&B follows a “slow holiday” philosophy helping you to enjoy the southeast of Sicily with the right pace: here you sleep on comfortable mattresses and enjoy the calm and the silence of the narrow alleys, enjoy a nice relaxing shower, have breakfast with jams, biscuits, cakes and savoury dishes, all made with local and typical produces of the province of Ragusa. And while you have breakfast on our terrace you can admire the spectacular views, the old town of Ragusa, the staircase that climbs up the hill and the churches perched on the rock face. This is the Garden of Stone, a slow holiday.

The Garden of Stone: Our Bed & Breakfast takes its name from the remains of the ancient building collapsed in the 1693 earthquake: columns and mascarons in pitchstone and limestone of the Monti Iblei (our mountains) dating back to the 1600s. These stones depict lions, eagles, griffins, horses, flowers and pomegranates and are placed in the entrance hall, a little "Garden of Stone".

Spa ragusa ibla


We are developing a new project: create a SPA within our historic building.

In the meantime, we offer a range of massages to be performed privately in your room, by experienced and qualified professionals...


saloni d'epoca b&b ragusa ibla


Our old uncle narrates that the house was rebuilt (after the 1693 Sicily earthquake) by Evangelista Ottaviano around the end of 1700.

Evangelista was a merchant who managed to acquire a considerable wealth for its time...


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